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Department Philosophy

The Department of Sciences, Mathematics and Business at Pearl River Community College has two primary missions. The first of these is to provide courses to support the programs of study in other academic departments and in the technical division of the college. The second mission is to offer essentially half of the requirements for a bachelor's degree with a major emphasis in biology, business administration, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, engineering, or engineering technology.

Because of the diversity of the department mission, a variety of course levels are offered in each discipline. These courses can be used to satisfy the core requirements for all majors and include special course offerings for elementary education.
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Core Courses are those that are required for all academic students regardless of their major. All students must fulfill a mathematics requirement, a computer science requirement , and a laboratory science requirement in order to graduate.

Mathematics requirement: MAT1313 College Algebra or higher level mathematics course.

Computer Science requirement: pass the proficicency test for compter literacy, or take and pass CSC1113/BAD2533 Introduction to Computing with Business Applications or a higher level computer science course. 

Laboratory Science requirement: eight hours (2 courses with laboratories) from Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science or Physics.

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