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To Login to PRCC Blackboard:

Step 1 - Access Wildcat Web
Step 2 - Access PRCC Email
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After reviewing all the "How to.." information, go to to login to PRCC Blackboard.

***Important Things to Remember***

  • If you are unable to access Wildcat Web or PRCC email, contact Information Technology at 601-403-1219.
  • When you change your PIN, it will take anywhere from six to twenty-four hours for that change to become effective in your PRCC email and PRCC Blackboard.
  • Anytime you wish to change your password for Blackboard, you must make the change in Wildcat Web. This information feedss out to the PRCC email and the PRCC Blackboard within twenty-four business hours.
  • It is a simple matter to redirect your PRCC email to any personal account you already have. For example, you can direct all your PRCC email to your yahoo or hotmail account. If you do not plan to check your PRCC email daily, it is highly recommended that you take steps to direct this email to another account. When an instructor emails you from within Blackboard, the email is always sent to your PRCC email account. This is also true for emails sent from the Office of Extended Education & Instructional Design.



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