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Login to Wildcat Web

Wildcat Web Orientation Video

(Your PIN is no longer your date of birth as stated in the video. Your PIN is a randomly generated six-digit number. See italics below.)

DO NOT drop your online classes through Wildcat Web. You must contact the Office of Extended Education & Instructional Design to drop the class; otherwise, you will still be charged for the class.

Beginning Summer 2008, your Wildcat Web Username is your new Student ID. If you do not know your PRCC Student ID, contact Information Technology at 601-403-1219.

The first time you login to Wildcat Web, your six-digit PIN is a randomly generated number. If you attend Orientation, your PIN will be provided for you at this time. On the first day of class, your instructors should also have this information for you. The first time you login to Wildcat Web, you will be instructed to change your PIN. After accessing your Wildcat Web account, locate your email address under Personnel Information.

Wildcat Web is a helpful source of information regarding grades, financial aid, and class scheduling. It is suggested that you check here often to manage your information.

Here are some suggestions if you are having trouble with your PIN for Wildcat Web: 

  • If you have logged in before and have forgotten the PIN, you can use the “Forgot PIN?” button.  First type in your User ID, which is your PRCC Student ID, and then click “Forgot PIN?.”  You’ll have to answer a question, and then you’ll be allowed to reset your PIN.
  • If you’ve never logged into Wildcat Web, the first time you log in, your six-digit PIN is a randomly generated number.  After logging in, you will immediately be instructed to change your PIN to a number only you know.
  • If neither of these suggestions work, you will need to contact Information Technology at 601-403-1219. 

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