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Course Redesign (An idea whose time has come for PRCC- read these and do your own research)

.......For curriculum transformation to occur requires a wholly different approach to instructional technology and the classroom.......Transformation also requires a shift from the teacher to the student- a shift from teaching to learning........

The National Center for Academic Transformation- (NCAT) Experts in improving learning & reducing cost in higher education

New Models for Online Learning - by Carol A. Twigg

Course Redesign Workshops and Results - Pearson mycomplab

Five Principles of Successful Course Redesign - from NCAT

Six Principles of a Successful Course Redesign - Faculty Focus - March 17, 2010

Six Models for Course Redesign - The Poplarville Mathematics classes are following the Emporium Model

What is Course Redesign? - Hawkes Learning Systems

Five Years of Course Redesign: Lessons Learned (Innovative Practice) - from EDUCAUSE

Math Lab Key to Course Redesign - from TechNews for the University of Mississippi Faculty and Staff- January 2008


Hybrid Classes

Creating a Hybrid College Course: Instructional Design Notes and Recommendations for Beginners

Expectations for Faculty Teaching Hybrid Classes - University of Maryland University College

Has the Promise of Blended Education Been Realized?

How Blended (Hybrid) Classes Work - Site for Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District

Hybrid Classes: Maximizing Resources and Student Learning - Teaching-Learning Center at Durham Technical Community College

Hybrid Courses: Faculty Development - University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

Hybrid Courses: Faculty Resources - University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

Hybrid Faculty Learning Communities as a Professional Development Strategy - 22nd Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning

Introduction to Hybrid Courses - Teaching with Technology Today

Is Blended Learning Effective? - Campus Technology

Journal of Online Learning and Teaching (JOLT) - Always a good place to go for research based articles.

Sustainable Hybrids - Inside High Education - a study at South Texas College (was only conducted at South Texas)

A System for Hybrid Learning & Hybrid Psychology

University of Houston Study: Hybrid Courses More Effective for Students - Campus Technology


Online Classes

The Case for Distance Education in Nursing - JOLT September 2009

Discovering What Faculty REALLY Need to Know About Teaching Online - 22nd Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning

Distance Learning in the Visual Arts - JOLT September 2009



Austin Community College - Updated links at the ACC Distance Learning site to an index of articles

Dropping a Day to Save on Gas - Inside High Education - article about a four-day week




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