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Weekend & Night Classes

In an effort to provide educational opportunities that conform to a variety of schedules, Pearl River Community College is committed to offering classes at night and on weekends.

Summer 2011 and Fall 2011 Weekend & Night Courses

Night Classes are taught at the following locations (contact numbers for locations included):

  • Poplarville (601-403-1374)
  • Picayune (601-403-1374)
  • Columbia (601-403-1374)
  • Sumrall (601-403-1374)
  • PACE Headstart (601-403-1374)
  • Hattiesburg (601-554-5566)
  • Waveland (228-467-2761)
  • Stennis (228-467-2761)

Columbia night classes are at the Carl Loftin Technology Center. Sumrall classes are at Sumrall High School. Picayune night classes are either at Picayune High School or at Picayune Headstart. Check the schedule for clarification.

Weekend classes are taught at the following locations. The Extended Education Office is responsible for all weekend classes regardless of location.

  • Poplarville (601-403-1374)
  • Picayune Headstart (601-403-1374)
  • Hattiesburg (601-403-1374)
Weekend classes are scheduled to meet on the following format for two weekends:
Friday 6:00pm - 10:30pm
Saturday 8:30am - 7:30pm
Sunday 1:00pm - 6:30pm
Final exam is on the Friday following the last Sunday class.



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